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Corporate Profile

The name of the company NIKKO SEISAKUSHO CO.,LTD.
Contact address 4044-25 Ooka, Numazu-city, Shizuoka-ken 410-0022 Japan

Manufacturing Division

Telephone 055-929-1811  
Fax 055-929-1812

PES Division

Telephone 055-929-1813  
Fax 055-929-1814

E-mail nkinfo@nikko-ss.com
Factory in China EHH伊和鶴
Capital 12 million yen
Representative Director Masato Kobayashi
Land/buildings Site Area: about 13,222㎡

Total Floor Area: about 5,950㎡

Business Outline and its Characteristics

  • production, sales and assembly of machined components made of metal, resin and others
  • machined components for various industrial and medical machinery
  • parts and attachments of metal molds such as sleeve and pin
  • other various parts made of metal, resin and metallurgical tool and others
  • various industrial and medical instruments and equipment, and production of machined components of instruments
  • machined components such as apparatus and equipment for industrial and medical use
  • finished products of all kinds of machined components by using our own production facilities, technology, experience and broad network
  • products requiring complex shape and high precision, processed goods with deep-and-fine hole, and others
  • use of surface grinding machines to cope with high-quality required surface products made of iron, SUS, AL

Major Client Companies

  • industrial machinery makers
  • analytical and measurement instrument and apparatus makers
  • optical instrument makers
  • robot equipment maker
  • transportation equipment maker
  • trading companies dealing with metal molds, and others
  • medical equipment
  • apparatus makers and medical institutions
  • public organization such as schools and universities

Acquired Certificates

  • Certificate of ISO9001
  • Certificate of Management Innovation Plan (designated in March 20, 2007 under the Temporary Law Concerning Measures for Promotion of Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprise)
  • Eco action21
  • Certificate of JIS Q9100
  • Certificate of Promotion Plan to Enhance Management Ability (designated by the Small-and-Medium Enterprise Business Enhancement Law)
  • The acquisition of the unified qualification of all government agencies


Representative Director

Masato Kobayashi

We always consider of achieving the co-existence between “Technology” and “Nature”, being located at the foot of Mt. Fuji

We have been striving to provide our customers with safe and satisfactory products, while we are surrounded by Rich green and pure water and blessed by warm sunbeam, and we look up at sacred Mt. Fuji from its foot.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been accumulating experiences and technologies through production of metal and resin parts and have been doing the utmost effort in our business with the spirit of “Customer First.” As a result, we have gained special patronage from our customers in every quarter of the society. We have greatly appreciated their support from the bottom of our heart.

From now onward, we are determined to continue challenges to make our technology more sophisticated by holding up the slogans of “To Operate in the Nature” and of “To Provide Customers with Safe and Satisfactory Products.” We sincerely ask for your further assistance and cooperation.

Corporate Hisory

January Started the business in Shimizu-cho, Suntou- gun, Shizuoka Prefecture.
DecemberEstablished Nikko Seisakusho as a limited-liability company.

JanuaryEnlarged the factory.


November 1990Established K.K. Nikko as a joint-stock company.


August Moved the headquarters and factories to the Nagaizumi Isshiki Industrial Park in Izumi-cho, Suntou-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture.


JulyAcquired the certificate of ISO9001.


July Enlarged the main factory.


January Built the second factory within the Industrial Park.

AprilEstablished in Shanghai, China.

SeptemberExpanded the second factory.


MarchAcquired the Certificate of Management Innovation Plan.

SeptemberNewly established a factory in Ooka, Numazu-city.

NovemberOffered the new factory as the site for the 39th International Youth Skills Olympics.


MarchConsolidated and relocated the main factory and the second factory to Ooka, Numazu-city.

AugustBuilt the solor power generation plant with the capacity of 50KW under the joint-research project with semi-governmental agency NEDO.


MarchRegistered for the Authentication of Eco action21.


SeptemberSigned the contract with joint research projects with Numazu Technical College.


FebruaryEnlarged the capacity of the solor power generation plant to 420KW.


MayAcquired the Certificate of JIS Q9100.


JulyCompleted the change of lighting system to LED for all offices in the factory.


JanuaryAcquired the Certificate of Promotion Plan to Enhance Management Ability.